Sep 12, 2008

Opening my first Etsy Store

Yesterday I finally decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy store to sell my illustrations (mostly for children's rooms). Most of them are inspired by vintage children's books but every now and then I go modern-crazy, so hopefully there will be something that everyone will enjoy.
I'll be listing frequently over the next few months (I hope) and maybe, just maybe, this little Etsy store will turn into something big (pay for my college tuition perhaps)? Well, we can all dream right? Time to get back to the drawing board!

Oh and you can view my Etsy store at


  1. Haha! Big Wishes to you! :o) My husband hopes that one day my shop will become the PatchworkPottery Empire and that he'll be able to retire early! The only problem is that I need a dozen more of me...p

  2. good luck to you! Your artwork is lovely!!

  3. Your shop is lovely! Put you on my favorites ;-)

    Good luck!


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