Feb 28, 2009

A website to save you money!

So I recently stumbled upon a website that will help you save money on your next big purchase - from practically anywhere! Plastic Jungle is a site where people sell their gift cards they no longer want/need at a discounted rate. Most cards yield about an 8 or 9% discount, although some can be as high as 40%! The website even verifies each card too and shipping is free. Can you say Ca-ching?

Here's something else handy about it: let's say you needed to buy something big for your house from Lowe's or Home Depot (siding, sheetrock, wood flooring etc). One of the deals on Plastic Jungle right now is a $3000 GC to Home Depot for only $2700 and a $1000 GC to Lowe's for only $910. That's a 10% savings to HD and a 9% savings to Lowe's. Combine that savings with a coupon (you can get HD and Lowe's coupons from the Post Office in the "Change of Address" packets, usually for 10-20% off), wait to hit up your local store until they are having a sale on what you want, and potentially pay for the remainder with a credit card that gets you cash or points back and you are saving a ton! If you buy your GC from Plastic Jungle with a credit card that gets cash back then that's even better! Just don't forget to pay off your credit card in full so you don't get stuck with a nasty interest rate charge!

I am ogling over the possibilities here. Need textbooks for college? Get a discounted gift card to Amazon.com. Do you drink a lot of Starbucks coffee? They have GC's for that too! Now we can all save money on future Christmas/birthday presents. I'm stoked!

Now if they only had gift cards for Etsy...

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  1. Hi Hirondelle Rustique!!

    Plastic Jungle would like to thank you for your post!! Thanks for helping us get the word out!! If you have questions or want more information continue to check us out on our website or you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!! I actually just added your post to our Facebook page! Thanks again!


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