Jul 8, 2009

New item!

I'm excited to share a new item I created for my shop, inspired by the photos I've taken of the
barn swallows.

Make it easy for your guests to spot where they’re sitting with these eye catching barn swallow place cards. A creative way to add a special touch to your wedding or dinner party!


  1. Those are wonderful!
    I'm working on butterflies right now. You could do the same things with those, but of course, we are both bird people. =0))
    Barbara Jean

  2. Those are awesome! We didn't end up doing placecards at our wedding b/c they all seemed to be the same boring old thing, but if I'd seen these in time, you can be rest assured we'd have actually used those!

  3. Barb, I can't wait to see your butterflies! It's true we are both bird people!

    DIY Show Off and Foxfire - Thank you! I'm smiling ear to ear! :)

  4. I share your love for birds.
    This is lovely.



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