Aug 19, 2009

Sew Happy!

I finally have some time set aside today to try out my new-to-me sewing machine! We had to move a lot of furniture around in our apt in order to accommodate the sewing machine cabinet, but I'm really liking the changes (and the fact that I've cleared out a lot of clutter!) Our living room now feels a bit more complete. I'm now on the lookout for some picture frames to finish it off, but I can't decide if I want 11x14 or square. If you see any good deals that could sway my decision, let me know! I'll be posting pictures as soon as it's all finished.

And now for a little teaser of the fabrics I'll be using today...


  1. No fair teasing!! =0))

    Blessings and look forward to seeing what you make.

    Barbara Jean

  2. What?! You can't tease like that! Curiosity KILLS me! Don't you know that? I think I've mentioned it before. Oh all right. I love surprises too. I can wait (impatiently).

    I love sewing. Can't wait to see what you do that I can copy-cat! :P



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