Jul 29, 2010

Room Inspiration

I lovelovelove the colors in this room! The Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore adds such a nice touch of drama and the neutral accessories really compliment the color.

And if you don't have a sun-filled room like the one above, look at how great this paint color still looks under different lighting conditions!

Mom and I have been discussing using this color for her foyer area and downstairs bathroom (one of these days I need to share my parent's house with all of you). Although these areas are still in construction, the foyer has two huge skylights and a lot of extra natural light since it is very open to the rest of the house. The bathroom is completely enclosed and I think with the right accessories this color would be incredibly striking (the white trim would really pop!)

On that note, do you have any favorite colors you'd recommend for a foyer or bathroom? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. Agree with you, these colors ares sharp, mpdern,

  2. Lately I'm loving all shades of blue. Did you happen to watch HGTV's Design Star this week? One team painted a windowless bathroom in blue, ceiling and all, and the judges hated it. I'll admit, when they chose the color my first thought was, what are they thinking, there's no natural light in that room!

  3. Wow, what a difference the light makes!

  4. Karen - I wish! I don't have HGTV currently (maybe that's a good thing? I don't know if I could peel myself away!) I do plan on getting it again someday!

    I've always heard that painting the ceiling the same color as the wall is a design no-no unless you REALLY know what you're doing. I'd be interested in finding more rooms with that scheme just to see!

  5. It's amazing how different the color looks in different lighting! Love it.

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