Aug 9, 2010

Photo Consultation: Bathroom Before and After

Here's a photo consultation I did for my parents, whose bathroom is actually under construction. They wanted a space with a bit of drama, and Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore fit the bill. They also wanted to use glass tiles as a back splash along the vanity wall, which I thought was a wonderful idea considering this bathroom has no windows and the glass tiles will help reflect light. This bathroom is off of the mudroom in their garage, and it needed to not only be functional but practical since they plan on using it as their master bathroom while their house is being remodeled.


The vanity will be built by my grandfather, and I love the extra shelf along the bottom with baskets for storing towels and other toiletries. A recessed medicine cabinet also offers extra storage as well.

The shower curtain is actually a regular curtain from Ikea (the Merete line) and at $19.99 for a pair, it is an extremely affordable option (they're wide enough to fit most standard tubs, plus they are super long and can be hung up at the ceiling to make a small bathroom look taller). White is always a great option because if it ever gets too dirty you can always use bleach or oxy clean to bring it back to normal. Extra long shower curtain liners can be found online, like the one at this store.

Here's another shot of the room from a different angle.



Recessed lighting will also add a new layer of light to help brighten things up and keep the room from feeling too cave-like.

Although the toilet area isn't shown, my parents plan to add another recessed cabinet above the toilet for more storage, and we've also been playing around with the idea of getting a luggage rack towel bar for the wall to the left of the shower (not shown) similar to this one from Pottery Barn:

So there you have it! I'm currently working on another photo consultation that I hope to share soon!


  1. Great the deep grey wall, gives the bathroom a contemporary yet warm feel

  2. Oh beautiful job Monica! I bet they love it! Now...about my kitchen remodel. LOL!

    Hope all is well - enjoy the weekend! :)



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