Oct 19, 2010

Entryway Update: Possibilities

I recently posted about the makeover I did to our entryway. It's had a small update since then with the addition of the Georgina Rug from Pottery Barn, which I got for $22 after the sale using some gift cards. I absolutely love this rug, it's incredibly soft and cushy. I'm also happy that it is a bit darker in color than what's shown on the PB site, especially since I'm using it in the entryway.

Now that the rug is in, my eye keeps going back to the art on the wall. I think it could use a change as well. I haven't had it up that long, but that wall just seems too sparse. I dug out all of the picture frames I had and placed them on the ground in an arrangement that I liked and snapped a photo. Using photoshop I got to see how they would all look up on the wall (while still covering the circuit breaker box):

I like how it looks so I think I might make the switch. I had planned on painting the frames to match, but I'm kindof digging the eclectic mix and how a lot of the frames pull the same colors in the rug up onto the wall. But it didn't stop there, I decided to play around with paint colors in photoshop just for fun:

  I fell in love. Nooooooo! Why do I tease myself like this? We're allowed to paint the apartment but the fee to paint the walls back is something like $200. Le sigh! Maybe I can figure out what the standard apt paint color is and we can just paint the walls back ourselves... since this area is so small it would be such an easy change!


  1. Ok, I'm totally going to be the voice of non-reason. Paint it! It would look fabulous and so fun to walk into every day! I would do what you said and find out what the standard color is and just paint it back before you leave.

  2. Definately love the extra frames but I think that the wall colour is nice and bright as it is. Hmmmmmmm.... it is a nice colour though.... :)

  3. The frames are great! I say go for it with the paint!

  4. do, do DO the collage of frames!!

    I love the collage of frames Idea so much that I did it myself! can't wait to show you pics. I kinda fall into the "alice in wonderland" decor category anyway, so of course I love it. I have many friends who did the paint a rental thing and some had problems and some didn't. some were charged the fee even though they painted it back. just sayin, if it's worth it to you do it!

  5. I like the creamy existing color - it keeps the rug as the focal point, and the rug is gorgeous.

    Would love to know how you made and mounted the shade on the light fixture - that looks so cool!!!

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! Tough choices, I'll probably sit on the paint color thing for a while before deciding :)

    Erica @ Decorica - Here is the tutorial for how I made/mounted the shade!


  7. That paint color you came up with is awesome! I'd do it :) That's some impressive photoshop work too. How did you keep the gradiants from the light?

  8. @Mike - I usually play around with the blending modes in Photoshop to get the paint color just right. In this case I used "multiply" because the walls were already a light color so any paint colors I chose would look relatively accurate. If the walls were dark, however, I might use an overlay or just fake the lighting using gradients, which does take quite a bit longer! Hope this helps!

  9. I love the rug - and the frames are a great choice.

  10. I'm jealous of your photo shop skills. Oh. And the fact that you HAVE photoshop. :) By golly one day...

    So cool how quick you can make changes like this! I'm dyin' here.



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