Oct 15, 2010

Estate Sale

I ventured out to my first estate sale today. I actually went to check out a dollhouse for my parents (which was a really cool house but turned out to be way way WAY out of our price range) but since I was there I decided to stay and have a look around. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, so instead of a mad rush to grab things before someone else did, I got to take my time and enjoy looking.

I'm still learning the ropes to estate sale-ing so if you have any tips I'd love to hear them! Something I did learn: if you see piles in corners, they usually belong to someone who has "claimed" those items. One guy got some major scores: a really neat leather chair, a rustic table, a bar cart, a giant wine bottle... his pile of stuff was enormous! We definitely shared the same tastes, I would have purchased everything in his pile (if I were made of money that is).

Oh and on a bit of a bad note, another thing I noticed was that people were not very patient at all. It's unfortunate really. The owners had set up a list to put names down on and they would let about 20 people in at a time so they weren't overwhelmed (there were easily 100 there). Well, quite a few people proceeded to yell, yes yell, at the owners to let them in, or gripe about how long we were waiting in line, or make rude comments about certain items or the way the house looked when the owners were within earshot. Just remember, the people putting on these sales are allowing everyone to be a guest (of sorts) in their home. A little courtesy is always nice! (Not that I need to be telling YOU this... you know, just the invisible mean people who might be reading).

At the end of my walk through, I spotted some pillows piled on a window seat marked $1 each. They were in awesome shape and were a pretty gold cotton velvet. Nab! I bought 6 of them, 4 large gold pillows and 2 smaller taupe ones. I figured if I got them home and didn't like them I could at least use the pillow forms. Nope! Not gonna happen. Love them! Here's a photo of a tiny corner of one because I'm mean like that. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. People can be so disrespectful. A lot of the time estate sales are held because the owner passed away. I like going because it's like peeking into their last thoughts. Kind of bittersweet, in a way. But I always leave with something. :)


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