Dec 3, 2010

Tutorial: Christmas Pillows From Shirts

With Christmas coming up I thought my bed could use something a little more festive. Sweater pillows look so cozy and since I already had all the materials on hand I set out to make my own (technically - a sweater pillow, t-shirt pillow, a tube top pillow & a leftover fabric pillow).

I started with a white cable knit sweater I got at a thrift store for $3 a while ago.  The green and white striped pillow was a t-shirt I had (and was about to donate since it was rarely worn) and the red and white striped knit pillow was a tube top straight from the 70's (woo hoo mom!).

I began by cutting the white sweater straight across, just under the arms. 

I then turned the "pillow case" inside out and stitched up the sides, leaving enough room on one side to insert my pillow form. Sweaters/shirts are handy for making pillows because two of the sides are already stitched for you so the sewing goes by a lot faster.


I turned the pillow right side out again and inserted my pillow form. Thez form was quite a bit larger than the pillow case, but the knit sweater stretched and it was no problem fitting it on and getting it to look right. I then whip-stitched the open end and that was it! I followed the same method for making the t-shirt and tube top pillows as well, and the little white furry pillow was one I made using leftover fabric from an old project.

I really love the Christmas-y colors the pillows add and I would definitely do this project again!


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