Jan 30, 2012

Thrifty & Not So Thrifty Finds

The decorating fairy has been visiting my dreams rather frequently I guess, because I've been on a mission to spend
 {thank you, Hyperbole and a Half and for whoever made this a meme}

While visiting my local Value Village, I spotted two beautiful pieces of furniture I couldn't peel my eyes from. And just what were they?

Grandma couches!

Ha! Never in my life did I think I would buy a blue sofa. Or anything that even remotely resembled  chintz. But I fell in love with the shape of these sofas and the stretcher bar legs immediately. They aren't perfect (as you can sort of see by the second photo, the cushion is missing a lot of foam and was re-stitched, badly) but I plan on having them re-upholstered (hopefully sometime this year). I can see them in a linen colored fabric, possibly with some tufting on the back and a taller seat cushion. Oh and just in case you were wondering, no, I'm not going to attempt to tackle the reupholstering myself. Call me wimp, but I'm leaving this job to the pros. In the meantime they are quite comfortable and the fabric has grown on me (it could be much worse, right?) Did I mention they were $75... total? Nab! 

Rachel (my roommate) and I moved one of them into the dining room area and it's been a great place to sit and enjoy a meal. I love curling up right in the corner and looking out the window too, and this was our view a week and a half ago:

Beautiful snow!

While out thrifting, I also snagged some George Briard glasses (these ones actually, but taller) and some large picture frames I'd love to find some cool art for. 

Meanwhile in the not-so-thrifty department, a "vendor closing, BOGO" sale sign caught my eye at a place close to my work. I decided to swing by for a look and ended up having an intense, (completely made up) duel with another lady customer in the store. It went something like this:

Me: Wow, what an awesome mirror! I love the style and color... I need this! $70? Hmm.. it's a little steep, but since it's buy one, get one maybe I can find a cool picture frame too. *Tries to get mirror off the wall* Maybe I'll go find someone to help me...

One minute later, the other lady found the only salesperson in the store and mentioned she was looking for some frames. No worries, I can wait.

Two minutes later, they are standing in front of the mirror.

Lady: "This mirror is fantastic! I was shopping for frames but I think I might get this!"

I started to worry that she might be serious. 

Lady: "Oh, there's a white one too! Hmmm... this is a tough choice!"

Me: Oh man she is serious. I started freaking out in my head, yelling "You should definitely get the white one!"

Lady (turns to salesperson) "I have a room with gray walls, do you think the white mirror would look better or the gray one?"

Me: (inside my head) "WHITE!!"

Salesperson: "Hmm... I think the white one would pop more against that color..."

Lady: "Hmmm yeah I suppose so, but I think I like the dark one more..."

 Me: (brain) "OMG! GET THE WHITE ONE!"

Lady: "Well I guess I can get the white one and if I don't like it I'll come back for the dark one."

The salesperson helped her get it down and the second they walked around the corner I snatched the dark mirror off the wall with such force Obi-Wan Kenobi would have been proud and then promptly found a brown frame to purchase as well. This about sums up my mood walking out of the store:

{via Etsy, although I can't seem to recall the seller who made this, sorry!}

As you can see from the mirror photo above, it is now hanging in my room between the two paint swatches on my wall that I STILL have yet to decide on. Yikes. 

In other wallet-getting-thinner news, I also fell in love with this bench from Kirkland's:

...and this mirror from Seventh Avenue:

In my imaginary entryway, I think these two would go great together (I would hang the mirror vertically over the bench). We don't have room in our entryway, but of course because I'm, you know, crazy... I bought them anyway. I'll post pictures when they arrive!

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  1. oh my heavens. i love your grandma sofas!!!!! Such a great find!


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