Mar 7, 2012

A Practical Use For Bad Walnuts

I went and visited family on Sunday and had a little get-together in honor of my sister-in-law's birthday. While preparing food, we realized our bag of walnuts was rancid. We were about to throw out the bag when my sister-in-law mentioned we could use the nuts to "erase" scuff marks from furniture. She gave a little demonstration and it worked beautifully. Here's how it looks on my parent's cabinets. I suppose one could use Old English just as well (which is probably less messy) but I thought this was really neat!



 After! Not perfect but a huge improvement!

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  1. Hi Monica - I hope that you will be blogging some more!

    I have used crushed walnuts (actually the oil released from it) on my wood floors - which have seen better days! Have to try it on furniture - it does help.

    Thanks for your blog - KEEP GOING!!



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