Apr 7, 2013

Pics of the New Digs! (with seller's stuff)

We've been at the new condo a week now and we're finally making some headway on all those boxes left to unpack (how on earth did we get so much stuff??) I've woken up every morning with the hugest smile on my face. I love it here!

I'll spare you the pictures of our junk everywhere (in reality it's not that bad but in 859 sq ft, the tiniest mess looks huge). Here are some shots we snapped on our first visit & during inspection.

As you walk in you see the kitchen first:

 After living in apartments for the last 5 or 6 years I'm definitely used to small kitchens, but this one had me at hello. The tall upper cabinets are perfect for extra storage, the layout is great and the kitchen even has some quirky little things I love like these tiny spice cabinets next to the microwave and tiny cabinets next to the stove for baking pans (hooray)! And yes, we have some ideas for changing up this perfectly good kitchen already (I know I know, we're crazy)

 The picture above is looking back at the entry way & coat closet. Behind the louvered doors is the washer/dryer (stacked).

 Above is the living/dining room (yep, it's gonna be a cozy fit!) Sooooo many ideas for this room (although currently it's the place of "box mountains")

The view! (taken the day after we moved in)

Yay! A fireplace!

Backing up a bit, the hallway starts near the louvered doors (washer/dryer). To the right (not pictured) is the door to the 2nd bedroom. The door on the left goes to the guest bathroom while door straight ahead leads to the master bedroom/bath.

 Here's the 2nd bedroom. The seller was using it as a home office (we are too)

Guest bathroom

Looking from the guest bathroom into the master bedroom hall (the open bi-fold door is the walk-in closet, which I don't have a picture of just yet)

Checkin' out the master bedroom. This room is pretty small, but who cares! The view!

I'm not usually a fan of fans, but this one is actually pretty cool. I think it's staying :)

Master bathroom

 We've only been here one week and I keep finding excuses for taking a bath in that tub. I feel really spoiled. Oh and in case you were wondering the seller did not leave the basketball tv behind :)

So there you have it! My new home. I'm excited to get back into blogging and I'm really excited to have a place to decorate again. We've already started on a big project (and no it's not unpacking), wahoo!


  1. Congrats on your new space. Once you dig out from the box mountains I know you'll enjoy infusing your home with your personal style. Wait, you did say you've already begun doing that .... The master bath looks like an amazing luxury for a condo both in size and amenities and as you mentioned there are some really nice elements in the kitchen.

    1. Thank you Robin! We're still unpacking, although we're down to just a few boxes left now. The master bathroom feels disproportionally large compared to the rest of the place, we've been toying around with the idea of tearing out the shower and making it into a closet (and adding a shower where the tub currently is). Lots of decisions to make though!

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