Apr 15, 2014

Kitchen Countertop Update

Hooooooooo boy, I'm terrible at updating this ol' blog, but I'm excited to say that tomorrow we get countertops in our kitchen! We've been without them for roughly 5 months. Yep, 5. Yikes.

 All prepped and ready

Back in November we were POSITIVE we wanted to go with concrete countertops (diy). But after ripping off our old granite tile countertops and buying the concrete supplies (Ardex feather finish), we stumbled on a blog that caused us to hit the brakes. That blog was 412 Reasons to Love, and her post about her diy concrete countertops had me questioning just how wonderful the Ardex feather finish was.

I've seen several bloggers post about their diy concrete countertops using that material, so I decided to email some of them and ask how it has held up for them. I heard back from Audrey of Oh So Lovely, who did an absolutely amazing kitchen remodel and used the concrete on some of her countertops. She mentioned they had a few small chips/scratches over time that were easily fixed, but otherwise the countertops have held up fine. I was relieved to hear there was still hope, but after Neal and I had a long chat about the overhang we wanted to add and how any flexing might cause cracks etc, and how we would eventually like to rent out the condo and not have to deal with countertop issues and renters, we decided to go with countertops that were ultra low maintenance, a.k.a. Caesarstone. I *think* it will be the right move. Only time will tell!


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