Sep 25, 2008

Featured Seller of the Week - Makalewakan

I've only been on Etsy a little while and I've already found so many shops that I love! One that really stood out to me this time around is Makalewakan, which means "The Earth is Sacred." Situated in France, Cathy Savels (the amazing artist behind this Etsy store) makes nature inspired treasures for the home. A former interior designer, her rustic creations are definitely one of a kind! One of my favorite items from her store are her Primitive Handmade Christmas Gift Tags with Red Stars. How fun would it be to give a friend or family member a package with one of these on it? I love the idea! I can even see them being used as Christmas Tree Ornaments.
Of course, while looking through her shop I stumbled upon several items I've now added to my future "to buy" list, such as her Wooden Curtain Tie Backs and her beautiful Decorative Chickpea balls! Keep up the good work!


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