Apr 19, 2009

I love Craigslist!

Craigslist.com is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to find decor items for cheap (and even free!). Living on a college budget definitely makes it difficult to be able to run off to a store on a whim and purchase anything that strikes my fancy and (dare I say it?) the state of "the economy" is also not helping. If you don't mind being patient enough to wait for that perfect item to roll around, you can find some killer deals on Craigslist. It's all about seeing the potential an item has. Maybe that old entertainment center or bookshelf looks like a hunk of junk, but with a little elbow grease you can turn it into something wonderful. Now I am no designer by any means, but I do want my apartment to feel cozy and relaxing and I want to fill it with things that inspire me. I'm slowly trying to turn it from a blah space to something a little more exciting. So with that said, here are my Craigslist finds thus far:

About a month ago I scored a coffee table for only $20. I love the style and how the glass reflects light into our apartment, which is key for giving that open and airy feel. I also felt it was slightly reminiscent of that "Pottery Barn" look I'm so inspired by.

Today I scored another one for $19 and it is fairly similar to the $20 table but I think it fits the space better. I'm moving the smaller table out to our balcony and will paint the current one black (it's a dark green). Oh by the way this is our dog, Dozer, checking out my newest purchase. He loves the camera!

I also got a woven outdoor rug for free last week. It will be joining the smaller coffee table out on the patio as soon as I clean it up a bit (it was pretty dusty, but it's the perfect color and hey, it's free!). I'm itching to see what turns up next!


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