Apr 19, 2009

Hirondelle Rustique is currently down

In case you've been wondering why my Etsy store is down, last week I opened up my laptop to find that the screen wouldn't turn on. According to beep code (which is very useful!) the video card failed. Unfortunately for me, the video card and motherboard are integrated, meaning I have to replace the whole shabang. Hopefully this will happen within the next few weeks, but until then the store will remain offline. I have my prints backed up on a thumb drive (thank goodness!) but I decided to take the opportunity to revamp the store and create some new items. We're also in our finals week at school which means this is the last stretch and I will soon be free to put all of my time into my Etsy store (yay!).

Since the only thing backed up on my thumb drive were my Etsy prints, I thought I would tell you about an awesome free backup program called TortoiseSVN. It allows you to manage files over time. You can download it here. I use it for school all the time and was going to get around to putting it on my home computers, but I procrastinated and it's bit me in the bum. Hard.

If you're like me and have half of your life in photos on your computer, this tool can really come in handy and give you piece of mind. You never know when the worst will happen: your home catches fire, someone breaks in, you spill a drink on your laptop, or your video card decides to stop working etc. SVN will keep your files safe in case one of these events should happen. Don't wind up pulling your hair out in huge chunks or kicking yourself like I did (ok not the hair part) when it all goes belly up.


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