Jul 31, 2009

Vintage Inspired Bus Roll from Hirondelle Rustique

Vintage black and white prints were originally used on a roll to show the next destination for bus, tram and trolley stops. They've since become intriguing pieces of art and unique displays of personality for the home.

Hirondelle Rustique is proud to announce new customizable bus rolls to show some of your favorite streets, places, or cities you would love to visit. The bus roll shown in the images features areas from around my hometown. I've since moved away and it is a wonderful reminder of the places dear to my heart.

Printed on 16x20 inch canvas and mounted on a 1.5 inch thick stretcher frame, these bus rolls have fascinating graphical typography and a curious look about them that makes them great conversation starters for guests. Choose from 5-10 different destinations of your choice to have printed on your very own bus roll.

These make very sentimental gifts when printed with the place a couple has met, where they were married and the cities they share a love for or where they now live.

Bus Rolls come with FREE Shipping!


  1. I love this - it's so unique and personal! :)

  2. these are soooo amazing!! Gotta love Port Orchard! :)

    Susan @ www.peanutpetunia.blogspot.com


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