Aug 4, 2009

Blog Love

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and share a couple of my favorite blogs with you. If you don't have these in your reader yet, you should definitely add them! These blogs are actually from a fellow blogger/nestie friend, Roeshel: The DIY Showoff and Evangeline's Vine. Roeshel has been such an inspiration to me and has quite a knack for decorating (her house is just lovely, as you can see in her blog Evangeline's Vine). She has kindly started the DIY Showoff as a way for readers to submit their DIY projects for all the world to see (she even has hers there too, check out her awesome barn patio makeover!). It's full of helpful advice and stunning rooms. If you have a project you'd like to submit, head on over!

I also wanted to say a special thank you to Roeshel for her kind words of encouragement over the last few months, they have definitely been appreciated. So Thank You Roeshel! I'm looking forward to your future posts!

If you have any favorite blogs you'd like to share, post 'em here! I'm always looking for new blogs to check out (even your own!).

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  1. Monica,

    What a pleasant surprise today! I haven't had much time to read/follow up on my favorite blogs too much because I've been so busy but I do have a little time to visit a few this morning and yours was the first.

    You just made my day and brought tears to my eyes! You're sooo sweet! I was thinking about you today too! (I added your balcony makeover to today's post ... I JUST LOVE IT!)

    Thanks so much for the linky love. I'm so glad we're friends! :)

    Happy Hump Day!



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