Sep 16, 2009

Fabulous Blog and Website Alert!

One of my new favorite blogs is Marley&Lockyer. I stumbled upon it while google searching for rooms with a rustic appeal and wow was I floored! Ness, the author, has such excellent taste! Her blog is filled with inspirational pictures reminiscent of European Design and Rustic Revival (think cottage/farmhouse style). I started to save some of the pictures she's posted for my own inspiration file, but stopped after I noticed I was saving every single one. When I'm in need of inspiration I guess I'll know where I'll be headed!

I know it's early to be talking about the holidays but her Christmas posts are some of my favorites. Somehow the images she's collected sum up entirely what I love about Christmas: the coziness, the cheerful colors, the spirit of giving, and the magic of it all.
Ness is also an amazing designer/artist and even has her own Etsy shop filled with fabulous decor items. I'm in love with these little clay tags, aren't they neat?

And thanks to Marley&Lockyer and Willow Decor I've become a new fan of a Norwegian store by the name of Slettvoll. Why didn't I see this earlier?

I love the neutral color palette for their rooms as well as the richness of textures.

I'm dying to make some cable knit pillows for winter.

Our own office is a work in progress, but I'm making mental notes of how this space offers organization, room to spread out, light pouring in and of course, style.
Those chairs look like an incredibly comfy place to curl up with a book. I love the grain sack style pillows, the oversize lanterns and the cable knit throw. I like how the light gray shutters add just a touch of contrast to the french doors and wainscoting on the walls.

I love the idea of having real (or real looking) trees indoors.
This dining room makes my heart go pitter-patter. It's very classy with its crisp white drapes, wing back chairs and contemporary lamps, yet laid-back with its cozy sofa full of pillows, natural fiber rug and slip covered chairs. The votive candles and flowers add just a touch of glam as well. It looks so inviting!
I'm really looking forward to future inspirations from these sites!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Yes, Slettvoll is wonderful and I have been a fan of Marley and Lockyer for a long time! The images you chose are so pretty!!

  2. Thanks for the introduction! I can't wait to check out the links! Looks like my kinda place! ;)

    Have a great day!


  3. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Just wanted to tell you!

  4. Those pics are stunning! Love your blog!


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