Sep 19, 2009


I've only been in the blog world for a little over a year but I'm amazed at how many wonderful people and friends I've met thus far. I hit a new milestone of 100+ followers and I'm so thankful for all of you! You're all the reason I post and I love waking up in the mornings to read your comments and head over to your blogs to find out a little bit about the awesome people behind them. One such person I've befriended this year is Roeshel from The DIY Showoff and Evangelin's Vine. She's kindly tagged me with the Fabulous Blog Award, and I couldn't be more flattered!
As recipient of this award, I'm to name 5 obsessions and tag 5 fabulous blogs. Here goes:

1. Decorating - I'm obsessed with decorating because I love coming home to a space I feel comfortable in (and thankfully my husband and I are on the same page as far as style goes)! I always love being in a space that inspires me. We've filled our little apartment with the things that mean the most to us and have slowly been purging the clutter, which makes for a room that has a LOT of meaning. I always find it fun to see how other people have decorated their homes. It gives me a little window into what their lives might be like and finding interesting decorations in one's home can reveal a lot about a person's quirky personality or a memory worth sharing.

2. DIY projects - I find that restrictions are often the source of creativity. The more restrictions and fewer options a person has, the more they are likely to be creative. We've been sticking to a pretty tight budget since starting college and it seems like these have been the most creative years of my life. I love pursuing do-it-yourself projects because the rewards are so much higher when you create or re-purpose something yourself and each project has its own uniqueness and personality.

3. Art - I'm a self-taught artist (although going to college has greatly increased my ability to draw/paint). I drew a lot of animals when I was a child, as well as a lot of houses (hmmm foreshadowing perhaps?) I always put a sun up in one of the corners of my paper and it always had a smiley face. I'm glad I still have the same sunny outlook on life, and that drawing still makes me happy.

4. 3D Modeling - This is still a fairly new chapter in my life but I uncover more that I love about it every day. It's fascinating to me to be able to create an entire world for someone's eyes to delve into. I'm a huge nerd and I lovelovelove video games. For me though, I'm not really "playing" the game so much as looking at the environments/buildings within the game and allowing them to hypnotize me. As a side project to my schoolwork this year, I'm going to be looking into more of the interior design aspects of 3D modeling.

5. Fairy Tales - I've started a collection and can't get enough of these beautiful books filled with enchanting stories. My parents used to read them to me as a kid for bedtime stories and I suppose I could credit that for my huge imagination (I am definitely a daydreamer). I also love the illustrations, fonts, and motifs in many of the old books and often look at them for inspiration.

And now onto 5 of the blogs I think are fabulous (it was really hard to pick just 5!)

1. Francine Gardner - Art de Vivre - Her work (and her showroom) is completely amazing. I love her eye for design!
2. Treasures From the Heart - Barbara has an adorable gift shop and a keen eye for creating the treasures within it. She's always a great person to "run into" in the blogging world. I love her writing style as well!
3. Peanut Petunia - I love her decorating style and she's always coming up with amazing projects I wish I could try out too! Her house is more charming by the day!
4. Willow Decor - I find so much inspiration from her blog. I could spend hours there! She's also one of the friendliest people I've ever "met"!
5. Beneath My Heart - Traci's home and DIY projects are stunning and her talent really shines through with each project she posts. She also has a wonderful way with words and I always look forward to reading her posts.


  1. OMG......I am so flattered. I was a liitle down this morning about life and..stuff.... opened my blogroll and clicked on your blog, was thrilled to read about the well deserved success of your blog and would not believe that you mention me as one of your favorites especially considering i only started blogging a few months ago.
    I am deeply touched and very grateful.

  2. Congratulations! I love your blog - well deserved! ~K

  3. Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
    Its So Very Cheri

  4. whaaaaaat!? For me! Muchas Gracias! Yours is one of my favorites! :)

  5. I hope it's okay, but I just gave you an award too! Check it out! .

  6. Congratulations on your award! You hsve such a great blog I can see why you got it!

  7. Hello Monica, I just found your blog - and I am glad I did. It is lovely! I also went to your Etsy store. You are very talented. The sea fans and the numbered linen costers make for great gifts. I will be back!


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