Sep 7, 2009

Join the parties!

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day! We're going to be spending it with some friends later on tonight and tomorrow we start our first day of school (eek!). But for today I wanted to share a couple of great parties you're invited to!

First up is the Fall Festival from The DIY Showoff, featuring your very own fall/autumn DIY projects!

This party is being hosted on Mondays in September, October and November. While I don't have anything for this week, I'll be prepping some projects for the upcoming parties. I'd love to see what you submit, so head on over join the party!

Next up is a Before and After Party from Thrifty Decor Chic! If you have any before and after projects you'd like to share, be sure to submit them there! I've been spending the better half of my morning looking through many of the submissions, and wow they are great! I've fallen in love with several of the projects, including this gorgeous and rustic front entry makeover from Our Extreme Home Makeover Experience, an awesome DIY chalkboard shelf from Rocky Bella, a beautiful chandelier makeover from Ashley's Thrifty Living, and a gorgeous living room makeover from Eat, Drink, and Decorate. Of course, there are many other fabulous before and afters so be sure to have a look for yourself!


  1. Aw Thank you very much! I am equally as impressed as you! There are some amazing before and afters!

  2. Love your blog... AND your etsy store. Adorable!! thanks for visiting my blog and following :-)

    Happy Labor Day!

  3. Hi.
    Thanks for the tips on these great events going on, and for links to other fun posts.

    Thank you or coming by and signing up to follow.

    We are having a rather fun event ourselves for a bit.

    Love it if you came by and checked it out.

    You have a lovely place here. =0)

    barbara jean

  4. I'm your 100 th follower---wooohooo!!!
    I heard the bells and whistles blowing and I know you did it just for me-the 100th follower. hee hee

    I'm part of the DIY party. I signed up as a follower and hope you do the same.

    Its So Very Cheri

  5. Your blog is so great! Stop by sometime and say "Hi"

  6. Hi there. I'm just stopping over from The DIY Showoff. Congrats on the award. Your blog is fabulous!


  7. Barb - All of your blogs are so lovely! I'm not sure why I wasn't following them before, especially after all this time (sorry!). I'll be sure to come around more often!

    Its So Very Cheri - Thanks for becoming my 100th follower! Huge kudos to you! :)

    Thanks ladies for the sweet comments!

  8. Thanks for your king praise on my Showhouse designs.I am driving my husband insane as i now want to redo our entire bedroom in the cool colors palette I used for the lounge space....after all, it is just a little paint, new rug, new bed, just a few more voila i would have the perfect bedroom for the current mood......


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