Sep 5, 2009

Thrifty Decor

A few days ago I started working on a project for our bedroom (ooo it's a secret!), but I ran out of supplies halfway through. Since I was visiting at my parent's house, mom and I drove into town to get more things and happened to stop in at a few nearby thrift stores afterwords. Thus began our 4+ hour shopping trip. We didn't end up getting home until after dark and since my project needed to be worked on outside, I couldn't finish it (oops!). But I did score some great little do-dads I'm so excited to decorate with. Plus they were easy on the wallet! Here are my finds for the day:

A scalloped milk glass teardrop compote. I think this would be lovely as a serving piece for fruit salad, or even filled with ornaments for a Chirstmas tabletop decoration.
A Vintage FTD (Fostoria) Oak Leaf Milk Glass Compote. I saw several of these while shopping around and may end up going back for more. I was going to use this one in a Christmas tablescape but perhaps it would be nice to have a set for serving hot soups one could drink right out of the cup!

A pair of ceramic quails/partiridges. I'm considering painting them white but their gold tones look so nice mixed with the white compotes for the holidays. Perhaps once Christmas has passed...

A ceramic pear.

A small cakestand. I love its smokey color and endless possibilities. I can see a pile of fluffy white peonies resting on top, or perhaps used as a serving piece with an added glass cloche and some fine cheeses.

Or it could be used to display fruit!
Little did I know thrift stores would be a great place to find ribbon. I'm always in need of ribbon and when a bag full of different kinds and colors popped out at me for only $4, I nabbed it. Later on I added up the cost if I were to buy each spool of ribbon new (the price per yard stickers were still on the spools and I tallied up how many yards each had left) and the total came out to $82.21. What a huge savings!

A metal bowl. I love how it is reminiscent of vintage trophies with its elegant handles.
I painted it a flat black and plan to distress it to bring out the rich browns underneath.
A striking piece of coral.
It now rests on top of a pile of my favorite books on our glass coffee table (the table was a craigslist find for $19), along with the numbered linen coasters I made.

Some glass jars with corks. I already had one similar to the larger one in this picture. You might remember seeing it from my DIY Bulletin Board project.
I'm now using them as a chic way to store office supplies!A candle holder. The black scraggly tree with orange beads reminded me of Halloween and I thought it would make a great decoration.
A pair of brass deer. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and I'm always on the lookout for new decorations. These stags had seen better days, but I couldn't resist getting them.
I would have loved to keep them gold but a fresh coat of white paint hid their chips and blemishes and gave them a more modern look. I can't wait to use them on my fireplace mantel this winter!
Can you guess how much I spent on all of these thrifty finds? A total of $52.26 after tax. Not bad for several decorations I'll be sure to use for years to come!


  1. Wow. That pear looks great on that stand! I would never have thought to do that. lol. that metal bucket that you painted black looks great! These are awesome finds!

  2. Lovely treasures there my dear.

    barbara jean

  3. Wow, you got an awesome deal on some great finds! I love the milk glass pieces.

  4. These are awesome awesome finds. You are a great bargain finder. I love the white dishes, I am totally into white dishes right now!

  5. Monica,
    What a great shopper! Love the pear and the white stags, which now look so very chic!! Wish I could with you on your next excursion!! Very fun post!!
    PS- I love your linen coasters!!! They are great!!

  6. Looks like some awesome finds!! In case you didn't know, that scalloped milk glass compote is quite popular in the blogophere! Check out my post about them here:

  7. Oh my gosh - what beautiful treasures! I'm going shopping with YOU next time! ;)

    I really love every one of your finds!
    Lucky girl!


  8. I found the EXACT same white milk compote at a garage sale for 50 cents and snagged it. Then I saw it again at good will for $3! Guess I got a good bargain :-)

  9. oh lordy you're good!!!!! everything's awesome & i can't believe the price!!!! love what you've done!!


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