Oct 20, 2009

Oh dear...

I'd like to introduce you to our washing machine.

Yesterday, it decided to be bad. Very, very bad. In fact, I'm pretty sure it grew a stomach because it decided to eat our clothes.

Yep, it ate them. There they are, stuck under the agitator. My poor shirt! And DH's poor apron!

We've tried for about an hour now to pull them out and no luck. Unfortunately there was no manual with the machine when we moved in, so we're not sure how to take the agitator thing off (if we even can?). I've already taken the cap off the top to look for some kind of bolt, but alas there was none. Any ideas? I suppose we'll have to call maintenance (what a silly thing to call for).

Oh the joys of renting!

I think I'm sold on a front loader for when we buy a house ;-)


  1. Oh no! I had my washing machine do that to a couple of my tank tops once...we had to cut one out, and the other one we are able to unwind after a lot of trying.

    Hope you're able to figure something out!

  2. tip the machine over. from the bottom unscrew some big screws. you should be able to pull out the motor assembly and remove your clothes. pay attention so you can put it back together...... sucks!

  3. omg i have no advice, but you are hilarious. lol

    on another note, will u tell me how you made your cute lil link buttons in your nest siggy?
    waletzko24@hotmail.com -steph

  4. So this is where all my socks disappear!
    My mom was in such good hands...Thanks to the french medical system...Thank you for asking,

  5. Oh no! I have no idea, but I wish you luck!!!

  6. oh my gosh hahah!!! That is so cute!!! Your blog has been so fun for me today! I have read all your posts and I just love everything about your blog!!!
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  7. Congratulations! You won the iTouch! Please email me your information {alifesdesign@gmail.com}

    Sorry about your clothes. I have always been afraid that this could happen.

  8. Oh no! Bad laundry machine! Sorry I have no words of wisdom it's never happened to me before! I hope they are able to be saved!

  9. Oh no, I hope you can get it fixed...buying a new washer is not my idea of fun!

    I love the significance behind the name of your blog!!

    :) T

  10. Oh no! I hope you don't have anymore problems with the washing machine!


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