Jun 13, 2010

A fun and funky bathroom

For this week's handmade design I put together an inspiration board that blends sophistication and simplicity. In this eclectic bathroom I began with a cool shade of gray and added bold pops of color using items found on Etsy.com.


1. Yellow Vintage Frame with Handmade Mirror - $85 from TheFrameAndMirror
2. White Vessel Concrete Sink - $300 from DCsurfaces
3. Blue Lacquer Antique Oval Table - $499 from FabulousPieces
4. Driftwood Towel Rack - $30 from Bricheese
5. Turkish Bath Towel - $26 from TurkishBath
6. Vintage Silver on Copper Butler Tray - $45 from Gasquetgirl
7. Recycled T-shirt Rug in Grey (Small) - $58 from talkingsqid
8. Spa Bath Soap - $3 from beclean
9. All Natural Lavender Bath Salts - $4 from SeasonsComeAndGlow
10. Grey Shower Curtain with Wisteria Print - $45 from Appetitehome
11. Organic Fusion Shampoo - $12.50 from cindydevore
12. Walnut Candle Blocks - $34.95 from plwoodworkers
13. Reclaimed Firewood Bench (Free Shipping to USA) - $85 from embroiderforu


  1. Oh man! I can't wait to see your ideas come to life in your new place! When do you move?? Or are you already moved in? I want more DIY projects to oggle!

  2. Great post...enjoyed looking at your inspiration board and love the color story

  3. Aww thanks! Sarah - I'm all moved in now and I have a few projects that are almost ready to post about. :)

  4. I absolutely love your blog! It's just up my aisle in what I am studying and it's so inspirational to see all of your great ideas!

    I'd also like to thank you for featuring my relaxing lavender soap! It's such an honor!


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