Sep 3, 2010

Urns - Which do you prefer?

You may have seen the urns I posted yesterday for the project link party. I've been trying to decide what to put in them and there seem to be so many options! What do you have in yours? A fun pop of color or a sleek and classy evergreen? Maybe even something a little more festive?


  1. I like the first one. Most of the others are nice, but seem a bit too stuffy and fancy for my taste.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the Emily Ash one, but I think it would look better with a different wash or paint. Something like copper patina, maybe?

    My father owned a garden statuary for twenty five years, so I got to see a wide variety of urns and various washes for those urns (many of them ended up in my parents' garden!) You should check out some other garden statues here:

  3. Hi there found you through Freckles and Fudge! Love all the urns. My husband and I did the last picture one last year with the pumpkins stacked and we drew the tree and drilled holes. Lots of fun! Halloween is my Holiday and I'm starting the decorate!


  4. Love your blog, Vic from Freckles & fudge sent me over & Im very glad she did!!!


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