Feb 12, 2011

A New (old) Cabinet

While exploring one of my parent's old barns, I saw a little cabinet shoved against the wall amongst other old items. It was full of tattered books and looked like it had seen better days, but what a charming thing it was! (Uh-oh, is my crazy starting to show?)

The barn it sat in is slowly starting to fall apart with old age and the roof is badly leaking, so my dad told me to rescue the cabinet and bring it home. I was in the market for something to hold supplies for my office, so this seemed  to fit the bill perfectly!

Since it was in the barn for 50 years or so, it's definitely musty and a bit moldy too (and there were even traces of a mouse nest, eep!) But it's nothing a little bleach and airing out in the sun won't cure. I do plan on painting it and I've been gathering ideas. Even though it's down low and you probably won't see much of the inside, I'd like to do something fun with the back, perhaps a bold color or stencil. Which of these painted bookshelves/cabinets strikes your fancy?

If you have any ideas you think I'd like, send them my way!


  1. They are all great! Really depends what you are placing in it, I personally love the second image, but I think that is the contrast I am loving...looking forward to seeing what becomes of it!

  2. I really like the idea of painting the inside a bright color aka the martha stewart image. also, how about adding metal legs?



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