Oct 12, 2013

Over-sized Dining Room Chandelier

If you follow me on Instagram (@hirondellerustique) you will have already seen my photo of the new over-sized chandelier we got for our dining room:

It's the 8-Arm Sloane chandelier from Restoration Hardware. 

We bought it from someone via Craigslist for about 1/3 of the price (it's in perfect condition too!) Crazy huh?

Now for the over-sized part: as a general rule, a chandelier should be about one half the width of the dining table it will hang over. You can't really tell just how big this one is from my photo since 1) we don't even have a dining table yet (although we do have one in mind) and 2) I conveniently didn't show the rest of the room because it is a MESS with remodeling supplies. This thing is awesomely huge for the room it's in. Breaking design rules feels good!

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